Aumi Light

The Aumi Light is made by a small company in Toronto, Canada and available for about $50. Original Originally started from a kickstarter in 2015, this bluetooth light has nice industrial design. It has a bultin battery and can be turned on/off or adjusted with manual controls on the light. It has fold down prongs, so only works with US outlets or adapters. Recent backer comments suggest poor support, but that could just be Kickstarter anger.

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Introducing Twinkle

I’m proud to announce that the Twinkle is now available for sale! Take a look at the story behind the Twinkle and the homepage to learn all about it. I hope other parents will find this product as useful as we have with our two kids. Over the next few posts, I’ll be detailing competing products designed to help parents manage their kids’ schedules. My goal is to help you choose the best product for your needs.

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