Small and accessible Time-to-Rise light

Customizable light empowering parents to build healthy routines for their children

Control from any device via WiFi. No apps or accounts required. USB Powered. Privacy focused.

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Encourage healthy routines

Research shows children benefit from regular routines

Family life is smoother for everyone with a few routines

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Encourage healthy routines
Control from any device

Control from any device

Laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone

The Twinkle uses a responsive web interface, controlled from a modern web browser on any device. The interface is hosted on the device itself. You connect to it when your device is on the same WiFi network as your Twinkle.

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Small and portable

Designed to go with you

Easily fits in luggage or your pocket and uses standard microUSB cables and plugs you likely already have. No WiFi? No problem! The Twinkle can act ad it's own access point. No power? Just pick up a USB power bank and get going. Sometimes vacations are where you need the most help maintaining routines.

Small and portable


No apps to install or accounts to create

You don't even have to connect it to the Internet! It seems like everything has an app these days. The apps require accounts. Unnecessary cruft and complexity for the benefit of the vendor.

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Cloud Optional

Zero cloud dependencies if you're tech-savvy

Run your own DHCP, DNS, and NTP servers? Great! Use yours instead of ours.

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Cloud Optional



Control from anywhere in your home. No device pairing. Synchronizes time automatically.

Cloud Optional

Easily disable the minimal cloud we use to help find the device on your network


Handcrafted at a reasonable price


Measuring 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.6 inches, easy to carry or place anywhere

USB Powered

No bulky custom power cords to lose or break, standard MicroUSB. You can even run it from a USB battery.


No WiFi? No problem! Operates as an access point and synchronizes time with one click.


Works great on a retina display or phone, and everything in between


Day of week, hour, minute. Many colors. Multiple behaviors. Relative events.


Automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. Set it once and forget it.

Want more sleep?