Amazon Echo Glow and Flex

November 1, 2019


The Echo Glow is made by Amazon and due to be released in November 2019 and retails for $30.

This device isn’t out yet, but many details are available. It has a full color spectrum and can be controlled from the Alexa app or from any Alexa device. It connects to WiFi and requires Amazon’s cloud to function. It’s powered with a fixed cord and mentions a power adapter, so maybe USB?


  • Attractive design
  • Alexa compatible
  • Cord allows easy placement away from outlet


  • Fixed power cord
  • Limited programming (Weekend or Weekday)
  • Alexa Compatible (Kids could change it)


The Echo Flex is a tiny Echo that is about the size of a smart outlet. It has a USB port on the bottom that supports a motion sensor or nightlight. The overall cost would be $40, $25 for the Flex and $15 for the light.


  • Entirely self-contained
  • Full color and normal Alexa program ability


  • Cloud-connected listening device
  • Limited programming (Weekend or Weekday)