How Does BlinkClock Mode Work

The BlinkClock behavior lets you tell the current time by simply counting the number of colored blinks. This behavior is most useful for people with myopia (nearsightedness) to be able to tell time without the need for glasses or contacts. Personally, I use it to tell time in the middle of the night to avoid having to fumble around to find my glasses or cell phone.


Color indicates what clock position is currently being flashed.

Red = hours
Green = tens of minutes
Blue = minutes


The number of blinks indicates the number for the given position indicated by color. There is a longer delay between blinks of different colors. Zero is indicated by lack of any blinks for that color.


Three red blinks, followed by three green blinks, followed by four blue blinks.

Twelve red blinks followed by two blue blinks.

Five red blinks

Ten red blinks followed by two green blinks