Data Collection

We collect only what data is necessary, gathered from two different sources:

  • Our websites
  • Our devices

Data is collected and stored in private accounts on shared cloud provider infrastructure.


Website analytics are collected and stored on our instance of the open-source Countly software running in the Digital Ocean cloud.

IP Addresses

We do not collect or store IP addresses. We do try to convert your IP to a geographic city and we do store the result.


We collect and store timestamps.

User Agents

We collect and store user agents. This helps us separate bots from users and lets us know which browsers are most common amongst our users.


We collect and store URLs. This helps us determine the most visited pages on our site.


We collect and store referers. This helps us determine how people find our website.

Device Dimensions

We collect and store device dimensions. This lets us know what size screens ours users have so we can optimize for the most common sizes.


Our devices periodically send data to us by default. You can turn off this collection on the device. This data is stored in Dynamo DB running in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

IP Addresses

We don’t collect or store external IP addresses. These are the addresses provided by your ISP to access the Internet. We do, however, do geographic lookup at the city granularity and store that.

We do collect and store your internal IP address. These are the RFC 1918 private network addresses assigned to your LAN by your router. We use this to help you locate and manage your device on your LAN.


Every device is assigned a unique ID during manufacturing. We do collect and store this ID. This ID is used to help you identify your device on your LAN.


We collect and store version information from the device.

Last Modified Feb. 12, 2019